MAHALAYA: The Legacy features an array of dining options whether you are looking for a casual brunch, business lunch, romantic dinner or a full-day celebration. Embark on this incredible culinary journey with extraordinary service curated just for you.

    A Peranakan inspired restaurant, De'PALEIS explores Indonesian-Dutch colonial architecture with a warm and vibrant interior to bring you a unique dining experience. It showcases Indonesian flavours heavily inspired by the wide variety of local spices. Each dish is wrapped in a touch of modern gastronomy to create a culinary journey that will pamper all of your senses.
    We are open for breakfast from 06 AM to 10 AM

    Located next to MAHALAYA: The Legacy iconic rooftop swimming pool, VERSE MUNT BAR offers you a relaxing gastronomic adventure. Take a seat on our pool deck sofas or in one of the submerged pool loungers and bar stools as you savour our specially curated gourmet snacks, healthy organic juices and signature cocktails.
    Dine-in available from 10 AM to 11 PM