• 1926
  • 1932
  • 1951
  • 1971
  • 1985
  • 1926
    Tan Tjin Tjwan was born in China and brought to Indonesia at a very young age. At seven years old, he lost his father and survived difficult times growing up. Working many years as a leather crafter and cigarette labourer made him a tough, hard-working man. In 1953, he took a leap of faith and built businesses of his own; a humble factory of Rokok Hujan Abu and a weaving plant named Luwes.
  • 1932
    Born from a poor Chinese family in Purwodadi, Djie Ping Nio grew to be a sedulous lady. She was smart and extremely tenacious. For many years, her daily routine includes waking up at a wee hour to prepare traditional parties and sell them in her hometown Batu Jamus. Since she was young, she had a really good business intuition that allowed her to seize opportunities like no others.
  • 1951
    As a strong and independent wife, Mrs Tan complemented Mr Tan's leadership so well, like they were meant to be. Together, they built a legacy that started from a humble beginning. A small ten sqm retail store at Setabelan Surakarta which they named Luwes. Fifty-four years later, Luwes has grown to have 20 department store branches with over 5,000 employees across Central and East Java.
  • 1971
    In 1971, they saw an opportunity in the garment industry. Mrs Tan decided to learn about garment making and started a home-based company. She would design, make and sell hand-made clothing for men, women, and children – a new business that has continuously grown to this date.
  • 1985
    No opportunity was too small for the power couple. They saw a growing demand for fresh bread and took it as an exciting challenge. Ratu, a home bakery brand, was born and succeeded in no time. Today, the business has been passed down to generations. It is still continuously expanding as a strong player in the industry.


MAHALAYA is created as a tribute to
Mr. Tan Tjin Tjwan and Mrs. Djie Ping Nio
Mahalaya: The Legacy


MAHALAYA's philosophy is centred around three core concepts of Heritage, Elegance, and Comfort. Inspired by Indonesia's rich and diverse culture, each property is designed to amalgamate local heritage and natural landscapes with MAHALAYA's luxury experience. We aim to showcase Indonesian hospitality by providing warm, personalized service and instilling a sense of home for guests wherever they travel.


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